Mora Companion: Sheath Mods

One major advantage to Mora knives is the low cost.  If you want to play around with one you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you want to try some modifications on a knife.  I have seen many people take the handles off and re handle the knives, add carvings to the handles or put a 90 degree edge on the spine not to mention the mods you can do to the sheath.

Here are a few things I did to my Mora companion sheath.  My Mora HD also fits in the sheath so I can carry that one in it as well. I added the Paracord loop so it would hang on a USGI surplus web belt, used some old inner tube to hold a magnesium bar with integrated ferro rod and on the back side is a sail needle tapped down under the inner tube. Makes for a nice dangler sheath. I also filed down the spine so it has a 90 degree edge to better strike a ferro rod.

IMG_2258 IMG_2257

Putting together a basic Bushcraft LBE kit.

I had an opportunity this weekend, both boys were visiting their grandparents and I took the opportunity to clean out and organize all my camping/bushcraft/survival gear and low and behold I found stuff that I thought was lost.  I also took the time to put together a kit for hiking and day trips for the summer and spring.  Here in Central Texas it gets hot, and humid so I wanted something that would breath.  I found an old ALICE LBE rig and put together a few items. Below is the video that will show you all the gear.

Shooting the Remington 1858 With my Son

I recently took my son out and taught him to shoot a Remington 1858 revolver.  He is developing his own love for black powder revolvers and soon he will get to try out the 1851 Navy in 44 cal that I purchased.  I know its not the original caliber that the pistol came in but right now having all the revolvers the same calibre is more cost effective.  Anyway here is the video.