Large Day bag/overnighter


The bag is a USGI 3 day assault pack from the rifleman’s kit.

This is one of the kits that I will carry when I am going a hiking in the woods.  I will do an extensive review of the items in it at a later time.  To this I add my First Aid Kit which I will review in another post.  If I think I might be out for a while I will usually add some cliff bars and maybe a soup mix or something just in case I get stuck or decided to stay out overnight.  Also my hammock and straps often go in the pack but are not pictured here.

Smoke Hollow Propane Wood Smoker

When i started looking into buying a smoker i had never cooked that way before, I got a lot of opinions from many different people.  Some people are really adament about cooking traditionally with a side burner and others are not.  I almost went with a traditional side burner but decided on propane.  That was the right decision for me.  Let me tell you why.

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Mora 511 Review


Well lets start with the pros and cons.:

Pros: Cheap, Durable, Grippy, Fingergard, Sharp, Tough.

Cons: Rat Tang, Thin, Sheath, Fingergard

So how does this knife compare to other hight dollar knives, it is wonderful that is how it compares.  This little knife is a work horse it will do almost anything you want it to.  Now will it break if you use it for lots of battoning of wood, probably but its not made for that, this is not a full tang survival knife.  What this is, is a great starter and backup knife.  I got this knife for 8 dollars with two dollars for shipping, and after taxes it came out to about 10.50 US.  Now for the money I don’t think you can beat this knife.  It will cut anything and it came sharper than some razors I have had.  It sharpens easily and holds and edge for a while.  The one I have is carbon steel and I don’t know if this one comes in  a stainless model. One minor problem I have is the rounded spine of the knife.  It is difficult to strike a flint on it the way it comes from the factory but this is easily remedied with a file just a little elbow work puts a nice 90 degree spine on it that will throw sparks.

The nitty gritty how does it work, well I have used this knife extensively in the yard, out in the bush and in the kitchen.  I am a firm believer in testing knives to see if they can hold up to preparing food one of my major tests is can it spread peanut butter on bread, and in this case the small blade is only average, not great but not bad.  It is a great chopper in the kitchen and holds a nice edge.  This translates to the field as well, it is small enough to be a great fillet knife for fish and  can be used as a skinning knife on small and large game.

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Knife Review list

This is going to be an ongoing blog post.  Below is a picture of some of the knifes that we are going to review.  As we review each knife its name will become a link to that review, so save this page.  If there is a particular knife you would like us to review before the others please let us know if the comments.


List after the break

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Ka-Bar Hobo tool

I am going to do a really quick review of the Ka-Bar Hobo camping tool.  I have not gotten to take this out in the wild yet but i have used it around the house some to test it out.


When i first saw this i didn’t know what it was.  I thought it would be gimmicky but fun, and for the price who could say no.  Once i tool it home and i realized that all the utensils came apart, i knew that this would be a useful tool to have in my kit


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