Smoking a Brisket

So today I’m going to walk you through how i smoke a brisket.

First, i get a nice brisket from my butcher.  I have already trimmed it up here in this pic.  As you can see i leave a nice layer of fat here on top, I like to let that render off during the cook

Next i put my rub on the brisket.  In my rub I use 4 parts coarse black pepper, 2 parts kosher salt, and 1 part of my Jalapeño rub.  There is another post all about how to make that yourself.

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Smoked Buffalo Chicken

This is some smoked chicken that i made this past summer.  First I melted some butter and added some Franks pepper sauce to it.  Then I Injected that into the legs and thighs.  They went into the smoker for 1.5 hours @ between 225-250.


Chicken in the smoker