Leatherman Wave

In looking for a multitool my focus was on outdoor use more than around the house and every day use. I wanted something that would be useful for bushcraft but would still serve me day to day when I needed a screw driver or a pair of pliers.  The wave had the best of both worlds.  Personally I do not like partially serrated blades on knives or multitools.  In the wave I was able to have the best of both worlds.  As seen below there is a fully serrated blade for cutting rope or cordage.  It is on the same side as the diamond file which has been used for everything from making notches in wood and traps, to my wife fixing her fingernails in the car with the fine file on the way to a dance hall on a Saturday night.


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Leatherman Style CS



I am going to do a short review of this Leatherman.  I carry this on my keys all the time.  It is very handy and i actually use it more often than I thought I would.  This is one of the best pairs of scissors that I have ever had on a multi tool and I find uses for them all the time.  The knife is not large at 1 3/4in but is handy when you need to open a package or the like.  The tweezers were something that I never really thought about until my son got a splinter on the playground the other day and i was able to pull it out for him really quick, just handy to have with you all the time.  All in all its a handy tool for lots of little things and is now TSA safe to carry on a plane.



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Gerber Shard

This is the other tool that i keep on my keys all the time.  This is the Gerber Shard.  It is an inexpensive piece running about $7.00.  It has 7 functions: Pry bar, small and large flathead screwdriver, wire stripper, bottle opener, and Philips head driver.  This is a handy tool that i use mostly as a bottle opener but I actually used it as a pry bar the other day to pull a nail out of a wall and it worked great.  A great complement to the Leatherman I carry on my keys and TSA compliant as well.

Gerber Remix

This is the Gerber Remix Fine edge.  This is the knife that I carry in my pocket every day.  It has a 2.9inch blade.  I find the o-ring to be very handy when using the knife, it give me much better control of the blade.  The Belt clip is solid, i use it all day to keep it clipped inside my pocket.   I use this all the time and try to never leave home with out it.


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