Camillus Knife: Les Stroud Desert Survival Knife

I have been carrying the mountain survival knife as a daily pocket knife on and off now for about two years.  I purchased this knife originally from walmart around Christmas time as part of a package deal and it came with a generic 3 day survival kit.  At the time you could buy the kit solo or as a package and it was the same cost so I effectively got the knife for free.  It generally can be found for around 15 dollars online.  It comes with a ferro rod stored in the back of the handle and has a thumb assist so it can be opened one handed. There is a belt clip on the knife that is very sturdy and holds the knife securely in place.  It came with a sharp edge and has held up well over time with little honing needed to stay razor sharp.  It has a liner lock that holds the blade securely in place.


The knife is marketed as a survival knife and while the knife performs very well overall I would not place it into the survival category just because it comes with a ferro rod.  First off this is a folding blade knife so there are several hard use survival tasks that it would not hold up well with such as batoning wood.   As a back up blade or a daily carry knife this knife works very well.  It also performs very well on many general camp tasks, it can make feather sticks, carve a bow drill set, make notches, it is wonderful for food prep as well so it would work well as part of a camping kit but it is definitely not a one tool option.  It pairs very well with the larger fixed blade Mountain Survival Knife as a set.  The larger knife has serrations over the last inch of the blade so there are some tasks that are harder to do with it such as making feather sticks, that is where this little knife shines as the companion to the larger general duty knife.


As an every day cary option I really enjoy this blade, it lets you do anything and everything a pocket knife would be used for and carries a ferro rod which is not obvious and adds no extra weight to the blade which lets you be a little more prepared for emergencies by having a fire starter with you at all times.

The handle is very ergonomic and it has a non slip finish which works very well for general use.  As an inexpensive pocket knife I would highly recommend this tool for every day carry or as a car knife or just something to throw in your kit to provide a spare blade and small ferro rod.

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