Battle Horse Knives: Trap Line Companion

I am a huge fan of Battle Horse Knives I think they make great products and love the Bush Baby knife that we have reviewed at this site.  I would describe the Trap Line Companion as a small utility/skinner blade.  When I carry this knife it functions much as my mora does but it is much heavier built.  It came very sharp and with a little work it took a shaving edge.



The overall length of the knife is 9 inches and the cutting edge on the blade is 3.5 inches.  It is 3/16 of an inch thick and full tang with micarta handles.  There are two brass pins that hold the scales on and a brass tube that acts as a lanyard hole near the butt of the knife.  The handle is comfortable in the hand and very slip resistant when wet or bloody.  The shape of the blade protects the front finger and acts as a small finger guard.  The sharp edge ends about 1/4 of an inch from the back of the blade steel.



I have worn and used this knife for about two years now on and off while camping and for general camp chores and it has been used as a skinning blade for deer.  I have also used it extensively in the kitchen as a food prep knife.  It holds a razor edge and is a scandi grind.  It has a drop point blade which is good for a multitude of tasks.  The knife performs well making feather sticks, carving notches and light battening of wood.  The short blade makes it less useful as a splitting tools and its light weight makes in a poor chopper.  However the blade was never designed with these two tasks in mind.  I would not recommend this as a one tool option but as a small belt knife it is wonderful and like all Battle Horse Knives it is an heirloom quality blade that could be passed down from generation to generation.  I often pair this with a large chopper or small axe or hatchet and a saw, usually my bacho or even a larger belt knife when I am out and about.  When working on the ranch, hunting or even working around the yard it is a great carry knife because of its small size and it gives you a great cutting tool for any general task you might find yourself needing to do.

If you are looking for a good secondary blade this will certainly fit the bill, but as a custom knife it is expensive and while it is much more robust than any Mora I have yet owned the Mora’s will perform many of the same functions, but won’t be as pretty doing so.

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