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This daypack is for the large greenbelts and city parks in and around Austin Texas. These large parks are technically in the city limits and there are a lot of yuppy types who freak out if they see someone with a military style bag.

I also use this as my work GHB as i can keep it in my office with me without drawing attention to it, i take it in every Monday and bring it home every Friday and leave it locked in a file cabinet at my desk that way i always have something around just in case. Of course this really only has to get me to my car where there is a larger get home bag but who knows i might not be able to make it to the car.556729_136889729779198_794952236_n



Gear list:

cheap poncho from walmart

2 bandanas


small first aid kit

bug spray

work gloves

tube of cotton balls with petroleum jelly, tube has fishing line and two fishing hooks wrapped in electrical tape

fire steel

iodine bottle

LED flashlight

signal mirror

mora companion knife

altoids tin with water purification tablets

altoids tin fire kit with lighter, magnesium rod, jute twine and dryer lent

150 feet of bank line

knife sharpener with small diamond rod

emergency blanket

ultra light tarp

tube of cotton balls

whistle/compas/magnifying lens

aquamaira filter

razor blade

cheap 1 dollar knife from walmart

platypus 32 oz water bottle



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