Two year Review Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade


The humble fixed blade knife.  Much used by many and overlooked by so many others who think that only a folder can be small enough to carry regularly.  I have been using the Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade ( really could they not think of a shorter name) for  two years now.  It is my favorite knife in the BG series.  It has one major flaw and that is in the sheath.  The belt sheath has a reversible clip to hold it on to the belt and it will not stay attached.  It slips loose and the knife wants to fall off your belt.  I fixed this issue by glueing the clip in place, this removes the versatility but it keeps the knife on your belt.  This is a small knife with only a 3.4 inch blade and an overall length of 7.8 inches and it weighs in at a light 3.77 oz.  I have found that this is one of my most commonly used knifes around the house.  Any time I am doing yard work or working on a project in the garage I slip it on my belt.  As a utility knife the serrations have actually come in handy as I find myself cutting string, rope, Weed-eater line you name it.  The blade has stayed sharp with only minimal maintenance and the coating has held up very well.  You can commonly find this knife for about 20 dollars on sale or online so it is very affordable.  It is thicker than most Mora’s and being full tang I have no problem banging on it when needed.  It is very comfortable and the handle is very ergonomic and very grippy when wet.  I have used it to cut everything from rope, to grass when laying sod, to trimming small branches when I was to lazy to go grab the clippers.  My 10 year old son has also used the knife at several of this cub scout campouts to do cub scout things such as turn sticks into spears and generally whittle on as much wood as he can.  The sheath holds the knife well after two years and shows no signs of slippage.  The knife will still make feather sticks and will strike a ferro rod very well.  After two years of use I can not recommend the knife enough.  If you want a good small utility blade to throw in a tool box or a pack or the glove box of your car you can’t go wrong with this little gem.

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