My Favorite Sunglasses

So I wanted to take a moment and talk about some sunglasses.  They are the Holmes outdoor safety glasses.  I use them all the time hiking, yard works, and even driving.  I have been through a few pairs of these and every time a kill a pair and start thinking about getting another pair I keep coming back to these.IMG_1285


The first pair I had were destroyed stoping a rock that my lawn mower kicked up.  It cracked the lens but did not hurt me, I went down to home depot and bought another pair right away.  My second pair went when i left them in my truck in the middle of the Texas summer heat, the yellow plastic on the tips got really soft and were never the same and then over time fell off.  I just went and got a new pair the other day, and realized that i should let y’all know about these.  I plan on using this brand from now on.

A little bit about the glasses themselves.  They have a Gray lens with anti-fog coating, are Impact resistant and the lenses absorb 99.9% UV.  They are exclusive to Home Depot, and you can see more about them on Mike Holmes website.


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