Romanian PSL 54C Review Part 2

PSL 54 C


Well Guys I want to give you a report on how the rifle performed during this years Deer season.  I took it out several times and used it to bring down one deer this year.  Yes I have only gotten one but it should have been two but a little more on that later.


The rifle is 1 for 2 this year but it was not an accuracy issue with the weapon.  The first time I took it out it misfired.  I had chambered a round and it dropped the firing pin but not enough to discharge the weapon.  I believe it is because I had not pulled the charging handle back as far as it needed to go.  I have not been able to reproduce the issue so I am chalking this one up to user error.  I was trying to be quiet when I loaded the weapon and while it is many things it is not quiet in any way.  Lesson learned when you take it out make sure your run the charging handle back all the way and that it fully seats forward so you don’t get a misfire.

The second time I took it out that I had a good shot, I had a shot at a spike about 100 yards out.  It put the shot right on the money, a clean hit in the neck  and the animal went down right away.

Overall the rifle worked fairly well.  The magazine did not get in the way at all in the deer stand as I thought it might.  The shorter stock also made moving the gun around in the stand easier than I expected it would be.

Overall I found the gun worked as a hunting rifle but I still prefer my bolt action rifles as they are quieter and have a much smoother trigger pull.   If I was going to be out for several days or in a rugged environment I would recommend this rifle. Also if I was hunting something like hogs where I expected to take several shots quickly then this would be my go to gun.  However in the future I think I will be taking out my trusty Remeington 700 in the future for deer.  I still love the rifle and will keep playing with it to see how it works.

Hope the little review helps guys.  I hope to hear your feedback.

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