Power outages and are you ready

Growing up a power outage was a fairly common thing for me.  I grew up on the outskirts of Houston Texas and between the thunderstorms and other weather events we would lose power ten or twelve times a year, more when I was younger and less as I got older but there was always a few times a year we would lose power.

Living in Austin, we have not had a power outage in several years and when we suddenly had a series of them it caught me off guard and I realized the house was not ready for someone to deal with a power outage easily.

We moved into a new house a few months ago and i have been meaning to get everything ready and in a place that is easy to access but had not gotten around to it.  I was home alone when the power went out the first time and since I knew where everything was it was not a big deal to get a lighter and some candles and get the lights on.  My wife however was home with the kid while I was away hunting during the second power outage and she called me and I had to walk her through finding everything over the phone which is was not an easy process.

Since then I have gone and gotten a few new items and put everything that would be needed in a container and explained to my wife where it is stored.

I have several lighters, about a dozen small candles batteries and flashlights and some small fire starters for the fireplace.  I have also purchased several oil lamps that are bright enough to light the whole living room.  So next time you think your prepared for a power outage, go outside turn off the breaker and see how prepared you really are for the little things.  A few dollars, a small container and some basic supplies can really make the difference in the short term power outages and it never hurts to go over what you have and where it is with the family every so often.  Just some food for thought.

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