Jalapeño Dove Poppers

Bill and I went Dove hunting this past weekend.  This was my first time, Bill’s second.  After a long, HOT day we came home with lots of knowledge on what to do different next time, but more importantly we got 5 doves.  I took them home to try and figure out how I would prepare them.  I decide to start with something simple, something that most hunters do with there Dove. Jalapeño Dove Poppers!

What you see below is what i brought home from the hunt.IMG_3264The next thing to do is to get the breast off the bone.  They really just peel right off with very little effort.  As you can see here in this video.

I now have 10 nice Dove Breasts.IMG_3268

Now your going to take some Jalapeños and core them.  So cut off the end, and cut them in half.  Then use your fingers to slide the seeds out of the middle.  Be careful, if you dont’ ware gloves while you do this, you need to really wash your hands.  Otherwise your going to hurt yourself if you touch your eyes.IMG_3271 IMG_3274

Then you can fill them up with Cream cheese.IMG_3275

Now your going to put the Dove breast over the Jalapeño and then wrap with bacon.  You will want to use a wet toothpick to hold it all together.  Take a look at the video below to see how I did it.


Now I know most people will cook these on the grill.  Due to the fact that it was 98 degrees outside I decided to cook them in the oven to see how that would work.  Put them into a glass dish and put them into a 400 degree oven.  I cooked them for 30 min.IMG_3281

They came out delicious.  Just need to make sure that we get more next time.IMG_3288

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