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So I have been using the swiss army ruck for most of the summer and I have to say I really love the pack.  It has an internal metal frame, leather straps and steel buckles and a leather lumbar support to keep the pack off your back and let air flow in between you back and the pack.  The pack is a great size for 1-3 days out in the bush, it is smaller than an alice pack in volume and has on exterior pouch.  The bag is rubberized canvas and while not water proof due to the way the pack closes, it is very very water resistant.

I took the bag to Hawaii and in the hot and humid weather it was a great day pack.  It kept the stuff we needed dry with the frequent rain and the airflow along my back was wonderful especially with the high humidity.

I have used the bag for a few overnighters and it has worked great.  The lack of exterior attachments for small pouches is the only major drawback.  I am used to being able to attach a pouch via the alice system or with a Molle setup.  There are some small leather loops on the outside of the bag but I have yet to find a good way to attach anything to it.



I have added a small haversack to my kit to carry the few extras when I take this bag out.  My idea for this bag was to move from a modern military style setup to a more traditional 18/19th centerury style setup.  Kind of a hybrid modern take on the old ways similar to Dave Canterbury 21st Century long-hunter series. You can watch the videos on this at this link 21st Century Longhunter Series     

photo copy 9

The bag is very tough, it has a leather bottom and the canvas is very heavy as well.  It is an open bucket style pack like the Alice packs. The buckles and leather straps harken back to a day when things were made to last.   Much like the Duluth packs everyone raves about, but at  a much lower cost.  The pack can be found on the internet from 20-90 dollars depending on condition and availability.  Another great thing about the pack is that even though it is military surplus it does not look like it is.  So if you are wanting to experiment with an older style pack and don’t want to break the bank to do it give it a look.

If you want to check one out try here

They are selling for around 22 bucks.

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    • There are two ways I have done it. The first is to put the bedroll on the top of the pack then fold the flap over and strap down the top strap. I also use some leather straps from another pack I have and can strap it to the metal loops on the bottom of or the back of the pack.

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