What to take when traveling by plane

So I was recently able to take a wonderful vacation to Hawaii with my beautiful wife.  We got to spend two glorious weeks in the islands and while there we were able to do some hiking.  Before the trip I decided to pack some basic supplies for our hikes and at the time I though I was taking all I needed.  Well after the trip was over I found my self re evaluation what I took and what I wish I had on the trip.

The real difficulty here comes from having to check your luggage and not being able to carry everything on your person when on a plane.  I was worried before the trip that I might lose the luggage and then lose the tools I took as well.  This worry helped dictate what I took and what I left.

My every day carry knife is  a swiss army knife, or a lock blade folder, of which I have several to chose from and a leatherman wave multitool.  I wanted to have a knife with me on the trip but I did not want to lose one of my better knives so I took a cheap but serviceable folder my Gerber bear grylls folding lock blade.  I chose this blade for a few reasons, the most importat of which is it is cheap and would not cost much to replace.  But the other reasons were that it was serviceable and utilitarian and also is bright orange which is easier to see if it is dropped.  Looking back I really should have packed my Swiss Army Knife, it has tools on it I needed on the trip including a pair of scissors which I had to buy while traveling.

The rest of the kit consisted of my Adventure Medical Kits S.O.L. Scout Kit which contains:

  • A Dry Bag
  • 50″ of 2″ wide duct tape
  • A button compass
  • a firelight fire striker
  • a small fishing kit
  • a survival space blanket
  • signal mirror
  • rescue whistle
  • and some quick tinder

To this I added a bandana, a lighter and a magnesium fire starter with striker.

I also packed my boonie hat for the trip and a few extra bandanas.  So I was not completely unprepared.  There are a few things I wish I had brought, in going so minimal I missed some basics.  I should have had a poncho and checked the weather and packed a light coat.

The main thing I learned on this trip is I need a complete but small bushcraft/survival kit to take when I travel, something that does not cost a fortune but is good solid gear.  I also need to make a place for it in my checked bag and not worry about the carry one.  Thats why it needs to not cost a fortune, in case it gets lost it wont break the bank to replace it.

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