72 Hour Survival Scenario

A while back Dave Canterbury did a series of basic survival videos that were really helpful for those wanting to know how to build a basic emergency kit. He also goes over several basic 72 hour emergency scenario skills you would possibly use.  I wanted to put all of them here in one spot.  For many of you this is basic info you might already know but it never hurts to go over the basics or rethink whats in your kit.

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USGI Military Poncho Shelters

Hey guys, I love my USGI poncho it works to keep the rain off and can be a great shelter in a pinch.  Here are a few videos that I ran across on Youtube that show some of the shelters that can be made from the USGI poncho.

All credit for the videos goes to Snowalker13 they are his videos and he has a wonderful channel so check out his other stuff when you get a chance.