The Big Giveaway


Ok, everyone, this is going to be our biggest giveaway yet!  However, the entry process is different.

The focus of this giveaway is to provide a starter kit for someone who is interested in bushcraft or camping and the outdoors in general. This is a starter kit – not an advanced kit – but it can be used to round out what you have or give you a jump start for getting outdoors.

Here is the break down of what the kit includes:

A generic blue tarp, which can be used as a ground cloth or cover, provides the basics of the shelter in this kit. It can be used to set up a lean-to, build cover, or make a pup tent. This website offers some great examples: Poncho and Tarp Shelters | Practical Survivor


Next is the hatchet or axe. The uses of an axe are numerous: rough carving, chopping & splitting, or a variety of other tasks.

We have an aluminum canteen.  It’s a water container that can be used to purify water with water purification tablets and to make sure you have something to drink out in the bush.

Bank Line, our cordage, is not as versatile as paracord, but is relatively inexpensive and can be broken down into separate strands for more rope, usable for countless things.

Flashlight – This is a basic LED flashlight that will provide you with light at night or if you end up out later than you thought you would be.  It can be a great comfort to have light as you are trying to get a fire going if you waited a little to long to start.


Duct tape – well, it’s duct tape!  It can be used to repair gear and for countless other tasks.

Next comes an Altoids tin containing a magnesium fire starter. This bit of kit lets you make char cloth out of punk wood or cotton material as can be seen here: Making Charwood.

Shovel – pretty strait forward item, used to dig up plants, dig a fire pit, dig …. other holes you know what ever.

Wetfire and Jute Twine – this is to be used as tinder to help you start a fire, the wetfire will burn while it floats in water so you have at least one sure fire.


Bag – this is an older military surplus bag made of heavy canvas it has two large pockets and a draw string to close the top.  Its very basic but its a good start to the kit.


Finally we will be including a Mora 511 knife as your primary survival blade. This is a great little knife; I have used one on and off for years. You can see our review of it here: Mora 511 Review | Round Rock Outdoors

So, why is this give away different? Well, we are asking a little more of you in this one.

First, we would like you to like or follow us on  Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.  Second, also send us an Email or preferably leave us a comment on this post with how you would use this kit and what you hope to accomplish with it. This could be describing the adventures you hope to begin.  You could be entering to give it to someone else, such as a boy scout or a friend who just needs that little push to get outdoors. You can even tell us that you’re strapped for cash and just need a starter kit.

For an extra entry, you can also retweet or repost the contest. If you post this giveaway to another web site and email us the link, you can get yet another entry into the contest.  Thats three possible entries!

Deadline October 4th

We hope everyone enters and can’t wait to hear how the winner uses the kit. Here’s to spreading the love of the outdoors and reclaiming of our ancestral skills and the sense of adventure!

12 thoughts on “The Big Giveaway

  1. I’d use the kit to aid one of my two daughters to teach them how to get back home after the crisis hits (considering cars don’t work). They live in opposite directions and it’ll take a few days of walking to reach us. The knowledge would be literally life saving.

  2. I’ve made a Facebook account just so that I can enter this contest here. I can’t believe how generous you guys are. By the way, still looking forward to that Swiss Engineer Rucksack review. I want to start my adventuring but never had the funds but this might just be the perfect thing to get this life back on track. I appreciate all y’all for doing this and best of luck to everyone.

  3. Already liked your facebook and followed your twitter :).

    As for how I would use it, well, it would make a great starter “bug out bag” for those of, like me lol, who want to get better prepared but haven’t found the extra cash and time and resources to do so. I hope to eventually have a few solid emergency packs built up with even more survival equipment and supplies to cover my whole family (and friends/neighbors if needed) but after buying our first house we haven’t had much “extra” cash at all lol. No idea how I am ever going to afford a secret underground bunker to finish it off heheh ;).

    Of course, until the zombies show up, all of this would also make great camping and hiking equipment. Now that our daughter is 3 and a half, she is getting old enough to appreciate camping and “living off the land” a little and I’m excited to teach and learn along with her.

    Regardless of my hopes and dreams lol, very cool of all the great giveaways you are doing. The reviews and posts are also a great start :)

  4. I am a sixteen year old Junior living in the state of Iowa. My eldest brother and I both have gear already but I am missing some pieces. I have a family of ten and we love to travel and get out. Whenever they do, they have to borrow from my brother or I. One of the things holding back alot of them from going on more adventures is that they do not have any gear at all, or at least a couple pieces. I would probably piece this up a bit or even give it all away to someone. If I gave it all away it would probably go to my oldest sister Chelsea. She is a real sweetheart, and just recently bought some land that she hopes to do something with. Before she can she will need some gear of her own. This is where the tools will come in handy. She would also love to travel more.

    Good luck everybody!

  5. I just got back from my first bushcraft trip out into the Ouachita National Forest. My kit consisted of various things I got off amazon. Lesson Learned. My bag ripped on me, my knife was dull, pretty much murphys law slapped me in the face. I would like to use this pack if I won, to make a solid foundation to build upon to having a fully awesome bag to hit the woods with.

  6. Great kit, I’m just starting out and this kit would help a bunch. I bet making a sheath for that axe would be a great starting project. I would also ad a wool blanket to that kit if i won, or at least try.

  7. Lets see what would I do with this kit. It would be the beginning of my Bushcraft kit for sure. I recently had a heart attack at 32 years old and was dead for a half hour. I have a two year old and three year old that are my life. While recovering from the heart attack I found bushcraft via youtube. It has totally changed me. I am currently working on putting together my kit and this would surely help. I want to get outdoors with my kids and enjoy life with them. I have been given a second chance and I believe bushcraft is helping me relax and release stress. All the best to all that have entered,

  8. I’d love to win the starter kit, As a student I’m pretty much broke all the time but I love being outdoors, This kit would be great for me to relax and learn more about bush craft

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