Daniel’s 2 cents on the “Ultimate” survival knife

Bill did his review of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival knife, and I wanted to throw in my thoughts.  I took the Serrated Bear Grylls Knife out for its first real outing a while back and it performed reasonably well, I used it to cut branches and brush and not much else.  It wasn’t until we finished our hike and I took a closer look at the knife and i realized that not only had I bent the edge of the blade, there was a small chip missing from the blade.  This does not make the knife unusable but it quite disappointing.

I put a picture down below, i have gotten most of the bent blade back to shape, but if you look close you can see the chip thats missing.


I would not recommend this knife as your go to knife for Bushcrafting, but might be good for a go bag or emergency pack, because i think in a real survival situation this is going to be a single use tool, I just can’t see this lasting that long under heavy use.

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