Get Out Alive w/ Bear Grylls Episode 2


So I watched episode 2 of Get Out Alive on Hulu this morning.  I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this show, I have now made up my mind I like this show and here’s why.  Bear has a very different attitude in this show, you can really see why he is so good at what he does.  Some of the nuggets of knowledge he has been dropping have been amazing.  Things like “You only get it wrong once” and “stupid gets your killed.”

Another thing I really like is the scenarios that they are being put through.  They are not  unrealistic challenges.  Its much more like a survival camp, and something that I think would be fun to just go do.


This week the teams had to climb up a mountain in high altitudes.  Some of the older contestants were having a really hard time, and having to take a lot of breaks.  Then at the end of the hike they have to harness up and climb across the knife point of the mountain.  Once they completed the climb, they had to go back down the other side.  This really showed who was falling behind, and literally falling down the hill.

Once they got to the bottom of the mountain the food team dug up some plants that Bear had told them about, that would give them some good Carbs.  Then Bear showed up with a canteen cup full of worms for them to eat.  It was at this point that I noticed the Bear Grylls Canteen cups that they were all using.  What i noticed is that they look really high quality, I plan on picking on up and testing it out.


As you watch this show you realize that this show is really a big commercial for all of the Bear Grylls gear.  This nice this is that it is not heavy handed at all.  They never talk about the gear specifically that they are using, they just show it in action.  They showed the Sliding Saw when they did there challenge this week.  The teams had to go and cut a Y shaped branch and make a sling shot.  They then had to shoot 2 deer skulls off a fence.  The winning team got to go to the feast pit and safe from elimination.

At the elimination Bear talked about how some of the teams were slow and starting to worry him.  But when he called on the team that got eliminated he got no response.  The contestant had a “Thousand  yard stare.”  Bear said he had seen that on the mountain before and has sending them home for everyones safety.  When he asked the contestant a question, she responded that she had zoned out until he said her name.  They showed Bear’s reaction and you can see the worry in his face at her response.  All in all this was a good episode and I am really excited for the next episode.


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