Get Out Alive w/ Bear Grylls Episode 1


I watched the first episode of Get out Alive on Hulu today.  This is really a more intense version of Survivor.  The episode started with the team being dropped in the middle of New Zeland and then having to go down a glacial river and hike through the woods, while be directed and watched by Bear Grylls.  At the end of each episode he is going to decide which team was least effective and send them home.  After all the hiking and the overnight stay in the woods, Bear gave them a challenge.  The challege was to take a bottle of about 1/4 urine and 3/4 muddy water and boil it and then cool it off and drink it the fastest.


Now my understanding of drinking your own urine is that it dehydrates your faster, so in a survival show its seems silly to do that.  But that aside the real problem that I had is that the winning team got to go to “the feast pit” where they got to have a really big meal and a bath.  This really takes away from the shred or realism this show did have. If you want to see if they can survive then really make them do it all the way don’t give them unrealistic rewards like this.  At the end of the show Bear pics the team that he thinks is the weakest, there is no vote it is just up to him.

While I am not completely sure how I feel about this show yet.  I know that I will be tuning in next week though.

If this interests you you should really check out Out of the Wild on Netflix.  They are very interesting and quilt realistic, much more than Get out Alive.

One thought on “Get Out Alive w/ Bear Grylls Episode 1

  1. Bear doesn’t ‘do it’ for me. He seems much more the flash and showman than someone like Les, or, *anyone* on the Mountain Man series.
    Hope the show does well as I’m sure he’s working hard to put out a quality product, but, I also hope that people don’t look to what it seems like he’ll run these people through, as ‘real world survival’ situations.

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