18th Century style Rucksack used with Haversack

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So we first looked at my haversack and what I am carrying for a day hike.  Now lets take a look at the Rucksack that turns the kit from a day bag to an overnighter or multi-day pack.   The Rucksack is a Swiss Engineer Rucksack from the early 80’s and is in the older style, it is made of rubberized canvas and has leather straps, and metal buckles and it does include an internal metal frame and a small lumbar support to keep the rucksack off of your back and aids with cooling.   The bag has one large main pocket and one small external pocket.

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So lets look at the kit I have now.  Granted not all items are period but I am working with what I have, and the idea is not to be period specific but to keep the style of camping the same, mixing some of the old with some of the new.  So lets look at what we have, above is a 8×10 cammo tarp, this is an inexpensive shelter item that provides significant overhead cover.  To the right of that is my estwing hatchet. I truly love this little axe as it is good at splitting, and will never break as it is forged from a single piece of steel, and where I would love a Wetterlings or GB axe, they are out of my price range. The estwing cost 20 dollars at home depot. I do hope to replace it at some point with a Husquavana axe as they are about half the cost of the Wetterlings or GB axe. You will also see one of two MRE’s which are great emergency food.  There is also a stainless steel MSR stowaway pot which is a wonderful item, inside it has spices, my eating utensils and several tea bags. Next to it is a Stainless steel water bottle and a nesting cup.  I have painted the bottle with high heat paint to make it easier to clean.

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Here you see my US Army wool blanket, it is an 80/20 blend.  There are also two steel tent stakes.

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Here in the lower corner you will see my USGI meat can, which rounds out my cooking system, there is also a small multitool that is focused as a fishing tool,  I will review it at a later time and the blue case is a fishing kit.

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Here in the bottom right corner you will see a large leather pouch that is a fire kit, to the right is a leather and canvas belt pouch that opens up in to a dumb sack for collecting items. Also show here is my Schrade Walden H-15 Survival knife which is a great fixed blade full tang belt knife.  Finally I have my ENO hammock and Strap set.  All this has been laid out on a reusable space blanket which gets packed up and stored as well.

Below you will see all the items from both kits packed and stored and ready to go.  The one item that is not pictured that I also take out is my small spinning rod and reel but we will save fishing for another post.  Hope you guys enjoy these posts.  I will take this kit out soon and give you an update and let you know how it works.

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2 thoughts on “18th Century style Rucksack used with Haversack

  1. I dig the ‘old timey’ look of the packs but I’m curious how they are in the bush and while camping. Be sure to let us know how they perform for you, please!

  2. So far the pack has been nice, I have used it for some day trips and it carries the gear nicely. It is not as comfortable as some modern civilian packs but I have been very surprised by how comfortable it is. After I get to use it for a while I will do a better write up on the bag.

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