The Big Giveaway


Ok, everyone, this is going to be our biggest giveaway yet!  However, the entry process is different.

The focus of this giveaway is to provide a starter kit for someone who is interested in bushcraft or camping and the outdoors in general. This is a starter kit – not an advanced kit – but it can be used to round out what you have or give you a jump start for getting outdoors.

Here is the break down of what the kit includes:

A generic blue tarp, which can be used as a ground cloth or cover, provides the basics of the shelter in this kit. It can be used to set up a lean-to, build cover, or make a pup tent. This website offers some great examples: Poncho and Tarp Shelters | Practical Survivor


Next is the hatchet or axe. The uses of an axe are numerous: rough carving, chopping & splitting, or a variety of other tasks.

We have an aluminum canteen.  It’s a water container that can be used to purify water with water purification tablets and to make sure you have something to drink out in the bush.

Bank Line, our cordage, is not as versatile as paracord, but is relatively inexpensive and can be broken down into separate strands for more rope, usable for countless things.

Flashlight – This is a basic LED flashlight that will provide you with light at night or if you end up out later than you thought you would be.  It can be a great comfort to have light as you are trying to get a fire going if you waited a little to long to start.


Duct tape – well, it’s duct tape!  It can be used to repair gear and for countless other tasks.

Next comes an Altoids tin containing a magnesium fire starter. This bit of kit lets you make char cloth out of punk wood or cotton material as can be seen here: Making Charwood.

Shovel – pretty strait forward item, used to dig up plants, dig a fire pit, dig …. other holes you know what ever.

Wetfire and Jute Twine – this is to be used as tinder to help you start a fire, the wetfire will burn while it floats in water so you have at least one sure fire.


Bag – this is an older military surplus bag made of heavy canvas it has two large pockets and a draw string to close the top.  Its very basic but its a good start to the kit.


Finally we will be including a Mora 511 knife as your primary survival blade. This is a great little knife; I have used one on and off for years. You can see our review of it here: Mora 511 Review | Round Rock Outdoors

So, why is this give away different? Well, we are asking a little more of you in this one.

First, we would like you to like or follow us on  Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.  Second, also send us an Email or preferably leave us a comment on this post with how you would use this kit and what you hope to accomplish with it. This could be describing the adventures you hope to begin.  You could be entering to give it to someone else, such as a boy scout or a friend who just needs that little push to get outdoors. You can even tell us that you’re strapped for cash and just need a starter kit.

For an extra entry, you can also retweet or repost the contest. If you post this giveaway to another web site and email us the link, you can get yet another entry into the contest.  Thats three possible entries!

Deadline October 4th

We hope everyone enters and can’t wait to hear how the winner uses the kit. Here’s to spreading the love of the outdoors and reclaiming of our ancestral skills and the sense of adventure!

Get Out Alive w/ Bear Grylls Episode 3

This week on Get out Alive…Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 7.25.29 AM


After teams were assigned there tasks Bear told them to be ready to get wet and to prep there gear, then took them out on the water and had them jump in.  The teams had to swim into shore, however Robin and Wilson were having a really hard time, and got left behind.  The other teams didn’t realize they were missing a team until they got all the way into shore.  Bear finally had to jump into the water and pull them in.  When he got to the shore he got very upset, he said “never leave 2 people behind.”  He said that if he hasn’t been there to get them there would have been 2 casualties.

Bear sends them on there way to hike up a hill and then down 3 waterfalls.  Bear is watching them whooping and hollering as they finish the obstacle.  He comments “they just don’t get it,” and there acting like this is a camping trip not a survival situation.  It is at this point that Jeff jumps when they should have slid and gets hurt.  He is able to go on but hurt his already injured knee.

The teams reach there food source, it is logs filled with grub worms most everyone eats but  Alica is still weary and only eats 3, not enough.  They move onto the camp site, and get all excited again, Bear calls them a  “gaggle of school girls.”  As they start to unload there gear Alicia breaks down because all her clothes are wet.

Bear comes to camp to talk to them and gives the teams a bit of a speech.  “The reason people get into trouble in the wild is that go into these place with no awareness.  They don’t respect where they are, they underestimate the terrane, the cold, the fatigue, the hunger.  You have no awareness.”  He then give them some fish row to eat.  He explains that he is giving them things that look and taste bad but will keep you alive.  Everyone eats.


Its now time for this weeks survival test.  They have to make basher boats by lashing branches together and then wrapping there tarp around them and then paddle out into the water, the first 2 teams that go out sink quickly.  The third group out is Alicia and Spencer. Followed by Chris and Jeff.  It is clear that Alica is gassed and they are quickly passed by the guys.  Chris and Jeff win the trip to the feast pit.

At the elimination Bear talks about how he is “after the person who is not merely strong, but strong with the survival spirit.  The teams talk about bad attitudes during the day and the fact that they left people behind.  Bear says this week he is making his decision based on the fact that “If my plane goes down who is the one team I want beside me.”  Bear then chose a team to go home, you will have to watch to see who.


Daniel’s 2 cents on the “Ultimate” survival knife

Bill did his review of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival knife, and I wanted to throw in my thoughts.  I took the Serrated Bear Grylls Knife out for its first real outing a while back and it performed reasonably well, I used it to cut branches and brush and not much else.  It wasn’t until we finished our hike and I took a closer look at the knife and i realized that not only had I bent the edge of the blade, there was a small chip missing from the blade.  This does not make the knife unusable but it quite disappointing.

I put a picture down below, i have gotten most of the bent blade back to shape, but if you look close you can see the chip thats missing.


I would not recommend this knife as your go to knife for Bushcrafting, but might be good for a go bag or emergency pack, because i think in a real survival situation this is going to be a single use tool, I just can’t see this lasting that long under heavy use.

Pocket Predator Slingshot Giveaway!!!


So our good friends over at Pocket Predator have sent us a few Slingshots to test out and give away to you guys.  I have done a bit of playing with these and have to say I love it.  It takes a bit of getting used to if your used to using a traditional sling shot, as you hold it sideways.  But once you get used to holding it differently you soon realize this that this is the superior way.  I plan on taking this out and shooting some video of shooting the other one before we give that one away.


So what were going to do is give away one of them right now.  The other one were going to hang on for a bit longer and really put it through it paces before we give it away.  But I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of this slingshot.

Steps to get entered:

  1. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. If you haven’t already.  If you don’t use either of these you can Register as a member of the site instead.
  2. Post a comment on this post.
  3. Email us with the username you liked or followed with.
  4. If have already liked or followed from the previous giveaway you can just email and remind us where.
  5. If you refer someone to the contest you will get an extra entry, have them put your email address in there entry email, up to 2 referrals.

Entry Deadline August 30th

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Review

Ok, here we go with our review of the loved and HATED Bear Grylls Survival Knife.  I will be covering both versions of the knife in this review.  (For those who did not know, a few years ago Bear Grylls and Gerber teamed up to cash in on the popularity of his survival shows on TV.  They released a line of products, mostly knives, that were targeted toward people that liked the idea of survival but did not know much about it.)

Overall, anything that gets people thinking about self-reliance is good in my book. However, some of the stuff that has come out has not been that great.  With that, let’s take a look at the knives.



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