Buck 119 Review


The buck 119 is a classic knife, buck claims that it is there best selling fixed blade knife.  For many this is there first big hunting knife.  it is classic clip point knife with a finger guard. The handle is smooth yet it is not slippery when damp.  It comes in a nylon sheath with a clip.  I have also see it available with a leather sheath.  This is a generic work horse knife it will do a little bit of  everything.  Mine has battoned wood, skinned out a deer, carved tent pegs and has held a good edge doing it.  It comes with bucks lifetime warranty so they stand behind their product.  This generic survival/hunting knife has been around for many decades and has proven its worth over time.  If you are looking for a good solid blade in the 50 dollar price range this will do the job.  It may not be as pretty or as fancy as many of the more modern or custom knives but it has become a classic by doing everything well and holding up over time.  It has a nice spine for throwing sparks from a ferro rod and is easy to sharpen and keep sharp.  Mine would shave hair right out of the package and it has only needed moderate honing to stay razor sharp.  You cant go wrong with this classic if you are just starting out or want a knife to throw in the glove box or go bag and forget about that will be there when you need it to do a job.


UST Sparkie the one handed fire starter


Ultimate Survival Technologies’ Sparkie Fire starter

So I have been eyeing this nifty little ferro rod for a while now and decided to pull the trigger on it yesterday.  The primary use of this sparker is as an emergency fire starter in my EDC.  It fits on my keychain and is about the size of a car alarm so it really does not take up that much room on my keys.  The main draw of this is its one hand use.  It has replaced my old ferro rod in my EDC.  It also does not look like a ferro rod when it is closed just an orange key fob.  It has an integrated striker, all you need to do is push in on it with your thumb and push down on the tool and it throws sparks, a lot of them, very very hot sparks so hot they almost burned my hand when I tested it.  I cant wait to get out and play with it more and see how well it works.  Remember this tool is not a “traditional one” and is not for those who want to go out and get back to the old ways, it is a tool built for emergencies and with a focus on survival in a bad situation. It also blends in to an EDC and would not raise any red flags for those who want to carry a ferro rod and not have people look at them funny.  And most important for me, the one hand use, it does me no good to have the biggest baddest fire steel if i only have one hand and cant strike it.  So check it out and see if it would make a good edition to your emergency kit.

First look Swiss Engineer Rucksack

So I wanted to try a more traditional style pack but can not afford some of the hand made canvas ones.  I ordered a Swiss Engineer rucksack with funds from the sale of another bag.  It cost about 60 dollars and is built much like a traditional canvas bag, it has one big opening and an outside pocket.  There are small leather loops and metal loops to tie down bedrolls and such on it.  It is made out of a rubberized canvas and has leather straps and a leather waist pad to keep it off of your back as well as an internal metal frame.   I will let you guys know how it works after i tried it out, but here it is if you want to look at it

IMG_0651 IMG_0650 IMG_0649 IMG_0648

Firm Grip General Purpose Gloves

The last time Bill and I went on a hike we both pulled out our gloves and were surprised to see that we both have the same gloves.  I think that really says something about how awesome these gloves are.

The gloves that we both carry are the general purpose Firm Grip gloves.  Firm Grip has other more protective or even armored gloves.  I like these for hiking and even general yard work.  The backs of the glove breath and keep your hands from getting to hot .  On the lower thumb area of the glove is a soft padded area, that you can use to wipe your face, very nice.

The palm of the glove is lightly padded, just enough so that you can still do most small tasks without have to take your gloves back off.  The material is also thin enough to allow for very dexterous tasks without the gloves becoming a problem and at a price of about ten dollars they are very affordable.  I picked mine up at Home Depot, but they have them on Amazon as well.  You can check out there website here.


Lights out

Bill and I just finished reading Lights Out a few weeks ago.  We both really liked it and finished it up in about 3-4 days.  If you haven’t read this you should, it follows a family through the first six months of living after a Country wide EMP blast turns the lights out.  There are a lot of things that David Crawford discusses in this book that have made me realize that I am not prepared for any sort of lights out situation.

Our plan is to reread this as a book study.  We plan on reading a few chapters at a time and break down the things that are discussed and how we can enhance our preparedness in our homes in the event of a lights out situationIf you would like to read a long and be apart of the conversation please do so.  You can pickup the book in paperback or ebook on amazon.