The USGI Canteen cook set with stove review



What you see above is in my opinion one of the best and most affordable canteen sets for utility use, survival, bug out situation or day hikes. At the core of the system is the 1 quart USGI canteen, this is made of plastic and can be found for around two to five dollars if you look just a little bit.  It is the perfect size to carry for day hikes and general use especially since most water purification chemicals and tablets are made for a 1 quart size.

As seen above it is in a modern USGI Molle canteen pouch, this pouch is great as it can attach to almost anything with the Molle straps it also has two large pockets on the sides that can be used to hold a variety of things from matches, lighters, bags of tea or water purification tablets.


The addition of a relatively inexpensive canteen cup provides much more versatility to the canteen system and moves it from being a simple water container to a cook kit and water purification system.  The stainless steel cup fits over the bottom of the canteen when carried in the pouch and not in use.  The cup can be used to collect water so that you do not risk contamination of the canteen with water born pathogens.  You can then boil the water to purify it of any of the said pathogens.  The cup also serves as a functional cooking implement, I have personally used it to cook soup, boil noodles and once even as a tiny frying pan to cook breakfast sausage.  It also allows you to have a hot beverage and still keep the main canteen and the water inside it cool.


There are military surplus stoves available but this is an area where I would spend a little more to get a lot more use by purchasing the canteen stove.  This stove nests on top of the canteen cup when stored in the pouch.  This little stove is probably the best 20 or so dollars I have spent in total value for what I got and one of the few areas where the military solution falls far short of the civilian product.  I have used this stove many times to cook food, boil water and as a small heater when I did not want a large fire.  The top of the stove can even be used as a small grill and it is the perfect size to cook up blue gill fish.  The stove is very heavy duty and will last at lest your lifetime if not longer and will probably end up being passed on to future generations of campers as I hope mine will.  Rob over at the Canteenshop has this and many other products including an all stainless steel canteen which I would love to get my hands on but is significantly more pricy than the system I am reviewing here.  In total by shopping at goodwills, military surplus and other second hand shops, with one item the stove coming from I have a total of 35 dollars in this kit.  So for a very reasonable price you can put together a small cook/hydration kit that will last you for many many years.

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