Buck 119 Review


The buck 119 is a classic knife, buck claims that it is there best selling fixed blade knife.  For many this is there first big hunting knife.  it is classic clip point knife with a finger guard. The handle is smooth yet it is not slippery when damp.  It comes in a nylon sheath with a clip.  I have also see it available with a leather sheath.  This is a generic work horse knife it will do a little bit of  everything.  Mine has battoned wood, skinned out a deer, carved tent pegs and has held a good edge doing it.  It comes with bucks lifetime warranty so they stand behind their product.  This generic survival/hunting knife has been around for many decades and has proven its worth over time.  If you are looking for a good solid blade in the 50 dollar price range this will do the job.  It may not be as pretty or as fancy as many of the more modern or custom knives but it has become a classic by doing everything well and holding up over time.  It has a nice spine for throwing sparks from a ferro rod and is easy to sharpen and keep sharp.  Mine would shave hair right out of the package and it has only needed moderate honing to stay razor sharp.  You cant go wrong with this classic if you are just starting out or want a knife to throw in the glove box or go bag and forget about that will be there when you need it to do a job.


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  1. I agree Bill. Although I traded my 119 several years ago I found it to be a good all around knife. I have bought several for members of my family. My father uses his for all of his deer processing. You cant go wrong. I dont care for the new nylon sheath. The old leather sheaths were very well made. If you dont know what kind of hunting knife to buy someone, I highly recommend this knife.

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