Firm Grip General Purpose Gloves

The last time Bill and I went on a hike we both pulled out our gloves and were surprised to see that we both have the same gloves.  I think that really says something about how awesome these gloves are.

The gloves that we both carry are the general purpose Firm Grip gloves.  Firm Grip has other more protective or even armored gloves.  I like these for hiking and even general yard work.  The backs of the glove breath and keep your hands from getting to hot .  On the lower thumb area of the glove is a soft padded area, that you can use to wipe your face, very nice.

The palm of the glove is lightly padded, just enough so that you can still do most small tasks without have to take your gloves back off.  The material is also thin enough to allow for very dexterous tasks without the gloves becoming a problem and at a price of about ten dollars they are very affordable.  I picked mine up at Home Depot, but they have them on Amazon as well.  You can check out there website here.


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