My EDC Copper River Laptop Bag

This is the 14″ Leather Voyager Laptop Bag from Copper River Bags. This is the bag that I use as my EDC when I go to work or conventions. I got this bag originally because I needed a laptop bag, and I wanted something that didn’t look like a backpack, something a little more professional, and I really think this fit the bill.


At first glance it doesn’t look like it will hold a lot of stuff, but I have stuffed this full and never had a problem. At the NRA conference I was carrying a laptop, camera, my Maxpediton pouch, and I still had room to put all the leaflets that I got in it


The bag has a pocket on the back that’s perfect for papers or magazines. There are two pockets on either side I use on for my keys and the other side is where I keep my leatherman when it’s not on my belt. On the inside there are 2 side pockets they are much smaller than the outside ones. They are good for pens or a pocket knife, not much else. There is also a pouch on the back that is sized to fit an iPad. I use it to hold smaller things that I don’t want to put in the main pouch.


All in all this is a great bag, i love carrying it and use it all the time.  I would recommend getting there better strap, it looks to be a bit more padded, i plan on getting one soon my self.

Head over to there site and check them out.

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