Texas Bushcraft Gathering Spring 2013 report

So we had the second annual Texas Bushcraft Forum gathering last weekend and it was a great event.  There were around 20 people who made it which is great considering we had a mini monsoon drop down on us.  Due to scheduling conflicts I was only able to attend Saturday and was not able to do an overnighter however many others did stay the night. I really have to thank Big Jessie and Bear who helped set the event up they did a great job again this year.  We held the event on a small island on the Lampassas  river near Kempner Texas.  When I arrived the rain had main the trail fairly impassable so I decided to wade downriver to the island.  The water was nice and warm and only about knee deep.  The guys already had a good fire going and shortly after I arrived we got a large tarp set up as a community gathering place.   What followed was typical bushcrafty good times.  We sat and talked, cut grass to make a carpet to cover the muddy area, kept the fire going and swapped stories.  Later in the day the weather cleared up and several people started playing with bow drill sets and such.  Some of the guys went fishing and at least one fresh catfish was consumed I think it was about a four or five pounder.  People were encouraged to bring items for a “door” prize giveaway and due to the generosity of the members there were enough items that everyone won a prize.  To cap it all off we had a wild edibles walk given by Mark Suter of www.primitivetexas.com who has a wonderful book on Texas wild edibles.  There was also an announcement that the forum would be changing slightly and moving to a new web site www.txbushcraft.com just click on the forum link on the page to join.  This new site will let the community grow with more control over the interface and allow for things like taptalk to work with the site so it is  welcome change.  I only wish I could have made it the whole weekend.  Lets hope I can for next year. 

And here is a video from one of the guys on the forum.

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