Simple Mods for a Mora Companion

So here are some of the simple mods that are easy and inexpensive for the mora companion.


I use a Military style web belt when I go hiking in the bush and the mora does not stay clipped on it very well.  I took some paracord and made a paracord bracelet which i then tied around the belt loop on the sheath.  This gave me a large loop which fits perfectly on my web belt.  On the back side of the sheath I have taped a sail needle to use for first aid or gear repair.  Over that I have taken about a 4 inch piece of bicycle inner-tube and stretched it over the sheath.  Under the inner-tube on the front I have slid in a magnesium bar with the striker tapped to the bar with electrical tape.


These simple mods give me about 6 feet of paracord, a fire starter with built in tinder, and a simple needle for first aid or gear repair.  The paracord makes the needle even more useful as I can use the inner strands for thread in case of emergency.  These mods are quick simple and inexpensive and provide a lot of utility to the knife.

Let me know what you guys think, your comments are always appreciated.


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