SOG Jungle Primitive


The SOG Jungle Safari has been a decent knife for a large blade.  The length of the blade is 9.5 inches and is .15 inches thick.  It feels much lighter than it looks.  This blade has been useful but is a bit overpriced for what it does.  A good solid machete will do most of the tasks that this knife is good for.

Lets look at what this blade is good at, it makes a very good chopper, the size lends itself to any task you would use a small machete for, clearing brush, chopping small trees and saplings and cutting high grass in areas around your camp.  Last year at a bushcraft meetup I needed to clear out an area of hight grass to keep out the snakes and such and in a couple of minutes i was able to cut the grass in a very large area.  The blade is light and swings well and you forget its on your belt very quickly.  The pouch on the sheath is large enough to hold a full size multitool and when i am in the bush my Leatherman Wave usually rides in there.  The sheath is tough and works well, it has a snap that holds the blade in place and the belt loop is very large, you can fit a USGI pistol belt in it with room to spare.  The handle is very grippy and work well even when wet.

The steel is fairly soft and after a year of medium use it has a small warp in the edge of the blade, it holds and ok edge but sharpens easily.  The saw on the back of the blade is better than nothing but is not something I enjoy using for any length of time.  It is only a pull cut saw so it only works on the backstroke.  The blade is full tang with a hammer on the base but it is a very thin hammer and is only so so for driving spikes and such.

The knife has done its job but for 40 dollars I would recommend getting a good machete or one of the versions of the knife that does not have the saw on the back of the blade as it destroys a baton fairly quickly and the saw is not very good.  You can pick up a good folding saw, a machete and a small mora for about the same money as this knife and they would probably server you better.   If you are limited to one tool this will do all the jobs, but like many jack of all trades it does none very well.


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HDX Folding Saw

Just a quick write up


I had to take down a small tree in the back yard of the new house and I decided to take it down the old fashion way with an axe and a hand saw. I used 3 tools My estwing camp axe, a very old wood handled wood saw and my new HDX home depot folding saw. This was some kind of old fruit tree i am not sure what it was but it was to close to the house and it had to go as the roots would have eventually threatened the foundation. It is the first of 3 that have to go for that reason. The base of the tree was about 6 inches. Most of the tree was 1 – 2 inch branches. I started using the folding saw that i had picked up for $4.88. For that price i figured it would be a throw away POC. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well it did. It cut better than my gerber sliding saw. I took down the limbs very quickly and once i got down to about the 4 in section of tree i was able to cut that with the folding saw as well. for the larger parts i used the big wood saw. In short i thought this saw would be junk, it has however replaced my gerber sliding saw in my carry bag and did so well that i went and bought another one to put in my car bag. I highly recommend this saw as a light carry saw, its only about 6 in folded. It is not as good as a laplander but the price is much less. Well worth a try out for 5 bucks.
here is a link to the saw

Maxpedtion Sabercat Review

I started commuting to work about a year ago by scooter due to the price of fuel. I chose a scooter over a motorcycle because I was able to get a honda reflex at a good price and it has some built in storage plus it gets very very good gas milage i get about 70-75 MPG on the bike. But there are some problems with it. I have to bring my portable computer back and forth to work everyday and that takes up most of the room under the seat. I have tried carrying everything else I need in a backpack but I don’t like the way it rides. Enter the Sabrecat.



The Sabrecat is extremely well made and is very durable the stitching is very good and the clips are strong all and all the bag is very rugged. The bag has one main compartment and 4 smaller pouches two on the sides one on the front and one on the top. It has a built in carrying handle and a integrated waist belt to carry the bag.



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3rd Annual Foodways Texas Symposium

Starting tomorrow evening in Austin is the 3rd Annual Foodways Texas symposium.  When I am writing this post there are still tickets available here.  The speakers will include Aaron Franklin and others from Gatlin’s BBQ, Goode Company, and Louie Mueller.  I will be there  and hopefully will have some interesting information to report back with.  If you going to be there shoot me an email.