Bahco Laplander

I kept hearing great things about the Bahco Laplander saw that I decided that I had to get one to try out.  Well I was blown away by this saw it is spectacular.


I was doing a BBQ cook off this weekend, and we needed to cut up some more wood.  We we cutting 3″-4″ pieces of oak.  The Laplander cut through the wood with very little effort.  My friend was using a bow saw and at first he was laughing at me because i was using this little hand saw.  By the time we were done he decided he needed one.  I was able to cut through logs of the same size as fast or fast than he was.  I also found that because the Laplander is smaller and lighter you can move it a lot faster.

The saw not only locks into place when it is open, it locks when shut.  This is really nice because i was able to carry this around in my pocket and not worry about it opening up and catching on something or worse cutting me.

Bill and I plan on doing some comparison videos of this saw versus some other larger saws down the line.  But i was so blown away by this saw this weekend i had to jump on and tell you about it.

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