Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer

This is my new Maxpedition Mini pocket Organizer.  I have been carrying this for about the last 2 weeks, and i don’t know how i existed without this before.  As expected from Maxpedition this is a pricy piece of gear at $18, but it is top notch.  It is sturdy and you can tell it will last.  The zippers are nice and open easily, and the stitching is tough.  I would recommend this pouch over similar ones from other companies.


Inside i have: SOG knife sharpener,fisher space pen, a Gerber knife, 8gb thumb drive, iPhone headphones, note pad, bag of meds, since use first aid bag.  Now I’m not trying to turn this into a survival kit, this is really just for my EDC, to help keep my bag and pockets less cluttered.


This may not fit in everyones pockets but this has fit comfortably in all the pants that i have tried of mine.  I don’t usually keep it in my pocket when im sitting at my desk or driving, but its nice to be able to just grab one thing that has everything I need in it.


I am planning on getting 2 more of these, to keep in my glove box.  I want to make one into a first aid kit, and the other into a survival kit.  That way if there was a survival situation I can just drop them in my pockets and have some spare gear.


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