Short Kbar with serrations



The short Kbar is one of my favorite utility knives.  The design has been around for many years and has served many outdoorsmen and service men.  This knife is the classics little brother. It has a 5.25 inch blade and about 3/4 in of serrations on the blade.

I have carried this knife as a belt knife in the woods on and off for several years.  I have used it for everything from processing a deer to making feather sticks.  It works as well in the kitchen as it does in the campsite.  It holds a good edge and for around 40 dollars makes a good starter knife for bushcraft.

I would avoid using the blade to baton as it is not full tang, the steel does go all the way thorough the handle but it is not a full size tang and it is pinned to the bottom of the handle.  It does have a hard steel pommel and it can be used for hammering.  This blade is lighter and is not as good as a chopper but it will get the job done after a while.  This model is has the rubber style grip instead of the leather handle so it will last even longer than the traditional style knife.

For around 45 dollars the blade is a good sold buy if your looking for a medium utility knife.

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