HDX Folding Saw

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I had to take down a small tree in the back yard of the new house and I decided to take it down the old fashion way with an axe and a hand saw. I used 3 tools My estwing camp axe, a very old wood handled wood saw and my new HDX home depot folding saw. This was some kind of old fruit tree i am not sure what it was but it was to close to the house and it had to go as the roots would have eventually threatened the foundation. It is the first of 3 that have to go for that reason. The base of the tree was about 6 inches. Most of the tree was 1 – 2 inch branches. I started using the folding saw that i had picked up for $4.88. For that price i figured it would be a throw away POC. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well it did. It cut better than my gerber sliding saw. I took down the limbs very quickly and once i got down to about the 4 in section of tree i was able to cut that with the folding saw as well. for the larger parts i used the big wood saw. In short i thought this saw would be junk, it has however replaced my gerber sliding saw in my carry bag and did so well that i went and bought another one to put in my car bag. I highly recommend this saw as a light carry saw, its only about 6 in folded. It is not as good as a laplander but the price is much less. Well worth a try out for 5 bucks.
here is a link to the saw http://www.homedepot.com/

One thought on “HDX Folding Saw

  1. Very nice to know.
    I’d picked up a couple of these for the same reason you did “throw away light saw” and stuck them in our bags. Good to know I stumbled onto a solid tool while I was price shopping :)

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