Maxpedtion Sabercat Review

I started commuting to work about a year ago by scooter due to the price of fuel. I chose a scooter over a motorcycle because I was able to get a honda reflex at a good price and it has some built in storage plus it gets very very good gas milage i get about 70-75 MPG on the bike. But there are some problems with it. I have to bring my portable computer back and forth to work everyday and that takes up most of the room under the seat. I have tried carrying everything else I need in a backpack but I don’t like the way it rides. Enter the Sabrecat.



The Sabrecat is extremely well made and is very durable the stitching is very good and the clips are strong all and all the bag is very rugged. The bag has one main compartment and 4 smaller pouches two on the sides one on the front and one on the top. It has a built in carrying handle and a integrated waist belt to carry the bag.



I keep various sundries in the bag, it doubles as a small emergency kit in it are:

Fixed blade knife , 25 Feet paracord, head lap, mini maglight, Monocular, 5×7 ultralight tarp, poncho, water filter straw, bandana, lighter, 2 signal flare, strikeforce fire steel, 32 oz platypus water bottle, Swiss army knife, one use hand warmer, Adventure Medical Kits SOL scout kit, allergy medication, headlamp and a Small stainless steel container with lid which holds altoids tin fire kit with char cloth, signal mirror, emergency blanket, bandana and a lighter.




All of this fits in the small pouches on the outside leaving the main pouch open which is great for me as I use it to carry lunch to work. This bag has given me the extra room I need to carry a few essentials and not have to leave a dedicated bag in the office, as i used to, as an emergency kit. The weight stays low on my back which keeps my center of gravity low which is how I prefer to carry something on the bike.


The down side to this bag is the price, it retails from $130-160 dollars online, I got lucky and found one that was almost unused for 80 dollars which is still pricy for a oversized fanny pack but if you are buying a Maxpedtion bag you know the price is going to be up there. I cant wait to take it out as a day hike bag and test it but for people who are commuting and looking for an alternative to a backpack or or on a bike I highly recommend the bag.

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