Budget Bushcraft/Camping Gear

This is the first post in a series on bushcraft or camping gear on a budget.  In this post we are going to look at water bottles / containers and cook kits.

At its most basic level you need the ability to carry and purify water how can we do this cheaply.  Well lets look in the trash can to start, yeah thats right the trash can.  Or you can get the stuff before it goes in the trash lets take a look.



Here we have an empty water bottle, a soup can, a large soup can and an empty Power Aid bottle.  Trash or Recycle items you say, No I answer you.  What you have here are two examples of cheap cook kits. let me show you.


As you can see the bottles nest nicely in the cans.  These bottles will work as canteens for you, in fact if you use the Power Aid model you have a 1 Quart water bottle that you can use chemical water treatments for as for use with one quart of water. Now it is true that over time the cans will wear out, you can not use them forever, eventually water will seep through the seams and it will need to be replaced but they do last for quite a while.  You will get many uses of these cans on the fire to cook in or just to boil water.  The goal of this post is to help you start to look at the things you toss aside on a daily basis and see if there is new life for them.  As you look around you will begin to see that many times trash has a new life.

Before use I wash the cans by hand and send them through the dishwasher as well.  They work wonderfully for boiling water and you can test them at home to see how they work.



Hope you guys enjoyed if you have any suggestions on comments please add them below.



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