Real reasons to carry a Multi Tool

Yesterday while running errands my car wouldn’t start, I thought it was the battery I tried to jump it, it would not jump.  I was getting ready to call a tow truck when i noticed there was a lot of corrosion on the contacts.  I pulled out my Leatherman Wave to unscrew the bolt took off the contact.  I used the knife and the file to clean off the contact and then put the contact back on.  The car started no problem.  Having my Leatherman with me saved me, without it I would have had a really expensive tow.  I already carry my Leatherman on my belt almost always, but now I will make sure to keep it with me at all times, never without it.

Bahco Laplander

I kept hearing great things about the Bahco Laplander saw that I decided that I had to get one to try out.  Well I was blown away by this saw it is spectacular.


I was doing a BBQ cook off this weekend, and we needed to cut up some more wood.  We we cutting 3″-4″ pieces of oak.  The Laplander cut through the wood with very little effort.  My friend was using a bow saw and at first he was laughing at me because i was using this little hand saw.  By the time we were done he decided he needed one.  I was able to cut through logs of the same size as fast or fast than he was.  I also found that because the Laplander is smaller and lighter you can move it a lot faster.

The saw not only locks into place when it is open, it locks when shut.  This is really nice because i was able to carry this around in my pocket and not worry about it opening up and catching on something or worse cutting me.

Bill and I plan on doing some comparison videos of this saw versus some other larger saws down the line.  But i was so blown away by this saw this weekend i had to jump on and tell you about it.

Honey Creek State Natural Area

This past weekend my son and I were privileged to get to tour the Honey Creek State Natural area which is attached to the Guadalupe River State Park outside of New Braunfels, Texas.  The state natural areas are limited use to the public, focused on preservation and research, this area has guided tours on Saturdays at 9 AM.  I could try to describe what it looked like compared to the Juniper and Oak scrub brush but I will let the pics do the talking.

IMG_2182 IMG_2181 IMG_2180

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Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer

This is my new Maxpedition Mini pocket Organizer.  I have been carrying this for about the last 2 weeks, and i don’t know how i existed without this before.  As expected from Maxpedition this is a pricy piece of gear at $18, but it is top notch.  It is sturdy and you can tell it will last.  The zippers are nice and open easily, and the stitching is tough.  I would recommend this pouch over similar ones from other companies.


Inside i have: SOG knife sharpener,fisher space pen, a Gerber knife, 8gb thumb drive, iPhone headphones, note pad, bag of meds, since use first aid bag.  Now I’m not trying to turn this into a survival kit, this is really just for my EDC, to help keep my bag and pockets less cluttered.


This may not fit in everyones pockets but this has fit comfortably in all the pants that i have tried of mine.  I don’t usually keep it in my pocket when im sitting at my desk or driving, but its nice to be able to just grab one thing that has everything I need in it.


I am planning on getting 2 more of these, to keep in my glove box.  I want to make one into a first aid kit, and the other into a survival kit.  That way if there was a survival situation I can just drop them in my pockets and have some spare gear.


Short Kbar with serrations



The short Kbar is one of my favorite utility knives.  The design has been around for many years and has served many outdoorsmen and service men.  This knife is the classics little brother. It has a 5.25 inch blade and about 3/4 in of serrations on the blade.

I have carried this knife as a belt knife in the woods on and off for several years.  I have used it for everything from processing a deer to making feather sticks.  It works as well in the kitchen as it does in the campsite.  It holds a good edge and for around 40 dollars makes a good starter knife for bushcraft.

I would avoid using the blade to baton as it is not full tang, the steel does go all the way thorough the handle but it is not a full size tang and it is pinned to the bottom of the handle.  It does have a hard steel pommel and it can be used for hammering.  This blade is lighter and is not as good as a chopper but it will get the job done after a while.  This model is has the rubber style grip instead of the leather handle so it will last even longer than the traditional style knife.

For around 45 dollars the blade is a good sold buy if your looking for a medium utility knife.