Shiner Beer Bratwurst

I made some Beer Brats with Shiner Wild Hare a month ago and i wanted to share the process and recipe with you guys. Your going to need a meat grinder, that has a sausage attachment and a digital scale to do this.

I started with about 5 lb. of ground pork butt. You will want to grind it all up on a medium grind and then weigh it. This recipe is all in grams so make sure you put your scale over to grams. The weight of the meat should be 2000g, about 4.4 lb, and put it in the freezer for 15-20 min.

Measure out:

  • 30g Salt
  • 3.5g sugar
  • 4.5 pepper
  • 3g Nutmeg
  • 3g Caraway
  • 1.5g Mustard

While you meat is chilling, get your casings ready, generally your going to soak them in water, but just follow the directions on the pack you got.

After you take the meat out of the freezer add all the spices and mix it up. Then pour about half a bottle of your favorite beer in until it gets sticky. I added Shiner Wild Hare, delicious.


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Geocaching? What’s that?

Hi everyone!

Just a quick introductory post. Although the rest of this blog focuses on aspects of outdoors life, tools you might use for that, and so forth, I’ve been asked specifically to talk about geocaching. Considering that it’s one of my favorite topics since I cache frequently under the name of PandaChic, I was happy to do so.

But what is geocaching? Well, the definition that I give people is, “Geocaching is like a worldwide scavenger hunt where people hide containers, upload the coordinates to a website, and other people use their smart phones or GPS units to find those containers.”

Geocaches can range in size from smaller than a pinky finger to a full sized 120mm ammo can or larger. Most commonly in parks and forrest preserves, it’s a tupperware container or something along those lines. At the bare minimum, it contains a piece of paper you sign once you find it. Just be sure to put the container back exactly how you find it so the next person can get it.

It’s a game dedicated to the journey.

So what do you need to get started? Three simple things:

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Mora Companion Review


Ah the mora companion this is probably my favorite light duty knife. It has a slightly thicker, stronger and longer blade than the mora 511 which makes it quite a bit more robust. It is still a rat tang knife and not full tang but has held up well under quite a bit of use. The clip on the sheath fits on most belts much better than the 511 sheath. The knife has a very small finger guard, more of a bump on the handle, to keep you from slipping forward onto the knife blade. The grip is rubberized and very grippy especially when wet. The knife came razor sharp, which is common for a mora blade, and has held and edge very well and is extremely easy to sharpen. I carry this every day in my utility bag or my backpack so I always have a fixed blade knife on me and it is light enough you forget its even in the bag unless you need it. It is also small enough not to take up a ton of room in your day bag. This knife has worked well making feather sticks, splitting small logs, filleting fish and skinning out and processing the meat of a white tail deer.

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