Shiner Beer Bratwurst

I made some Beer Brats with Shiner Wild Hare a month ago and i wanted to share the process and recipe with you guys. Your going to need a meat grinder, that has a sausage attachment and a digital scale to do this.

I started with about 5 lb. of ground pork butt. You will want to grind it all up on a medium grind and then weigh it. This recipe is all in grams so make sure you put your scale over to grams. The weight of the meat should be 2000g, about 4.4 lb, and put it in the freezer for 15-20 min.

Measure out:

  • 30g Salt
  • 3.5g sugar
  • 4.5 pepper
  • 3g Nutmeg
  • 3g Caraway
  • 1.5g Mustard

While you meat is chilling, get your casings ready, generally your going to soak them in water, but just follow the directions on the pack you got.

After you take the meat out of the freezer add all the spices and mix it up. Then pour about half a bottle of your favorite beer in until it gets sticky. I added Shiner Wild Hare, delicious.



Make sure that you grinder has the sausage attachment all setup. Slide the whole casing onto the stuffer, start putting meat into the grinder until the first bit comes out, then tie off the casing and start stuffing the sausage. This is an art, i was not very good at it, i got alot of air pockets, but you can get rid of those at the end. After you have all the meat in the casing tie off the other end.

Next were going to prick the sausage. You can use a meat tenderizer for this, or just do what I did and use a small push pin, the goal is to have some small hole for the air to escape while me compress the meat in the casing. Now just start to smush the meat around in the casing to make the sausage, then just spin the sausage so that it makes a seal for the meat. If you do it like i did then you end up with 5 differently sized sausages.



I did not cook these right away, they will be ok in your fridge for a day or two. When your ready to cook these your going to boil them first. I boiled mine in 2 bottles of Wild hare with a whole onion cut up in there, now don’t cook then till they are cooked all the way through. When they are almost done, pull them out of the boil and cut them in half and throw then on your grill. Now I cooked these on my giant George Forman grill because it was a weekday, if it had been the weekend they would have gone on the BBQ.

These were delicious, i didn’t get a picture of the final product because we were to busy eating them. If you have any suggestions or requests let us know in the comments.

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