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Ah the mora companion this is probably my favorite light duty knife. It has a slightly thicker, stronger and longer blade than the mora 511 which makes it quite a bit more robust. It is still a rat tang knife and not full tang but has held up well under quite a bit of use. The clip on the sheath fits on most belts much better than the 511 sheath. The knife has a very small finger guard, more of a bump on the handle, to keep you from slipping forward onto the knife blade. The grip is rubberized and very grippy especially when wet. The knife came razor sharp, which is common for a mora blade, and has held and edge very well and is extremely easy to sharpen. I carry this every day in my utility bag or my backpack so I always have a fixed blade knife on me and it is light enough you forget its even in the bag unless you need it. It is also small enough not to take up a ton of room in your day bag. This knife has worked well making feather sticks, splitting small logs, filleting fish and skinning out and processing the meat of a white tail deer.

In point of fact this knife has worked so well in processing big game that it is now my go to knife for this and after using it my father and two other hunters have replaced the knives they had used for years with a mora companion. To replace knives that have been used for decades says something about this knife. You can usually get the knife for about 15 dollars or so including shipping if you shop around.

You may notice the sheath is modified, on the inside of the sheath I have taped a sail needle and over that i have put some bicycle inner tube, on the front of the sheath under the inner tube i have placed a magnesium bar with the striker taped to it. This has made the knife a mini survival kit on its own. Where the 511 is a good starter blade, this blade will last you quite a while. There are bigger and “better” mora’s on the market but for the money, in my humble opinion, this knife is the best of the lot for the money.

I think that Mora is now making a robust version of this knife with a stronger tang that is a 3/4 tang knife and not just a rat tang but runs about 25 dollars, that would also be a good blade but you are starting to get out of the great but cheap knives at that price.


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  1. Absolutely love this knife. Got it discounted from amazon a while back and it’s been a lifesaver. I’ve used it for hours and hours and barely needed to use a whetstone. Nice piece of inspiration with the firesteel touch, might give that a try on mine!

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