2nd Annual Spring Gathering of the Texas Bushcraft community

Well last year was the first annual gathering of the members over at the Texas Bushcraft forum.  We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who focus not only on bushcraft specifically but any outdoor activities in general.  It was a wonderful chance to get together with others who have similar interests and swap stories, information and we even had a little swap meet of gear and had a few giveaways.  The highlight of the weekend was a class given by a forum member who goes by AMS who is a wilderness first aid instructor and an EMT.  He gave a class on wilderness first aid for everyone and the best part it was free.  Below is a video of there gathering the bulk of which is the first aid class.

The Gathering will be May 24-26th, 2013 and will be held at the Island in Lampasas, TX. For more information please go to the forum at this link http://texasbushcraft.forumotion.com/f13-spring-gathering-2013

Feel free to post any questions here and we will work to find you an answer.

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