Large Day bag/overnighter


The bag is a USGI 3 day assault pack from the rifleman’s kit.

This is one of the kits that I will carry when I am going a hiking in the woods.  I will do an extensive review of the items in it at a later time.  To this I add my First Aid Kit which I will review in another post.  If I think I might be out for a while I will usually add some cliff bars and maybe a soup mix or something just in case I get stuck or decided to stay out overnight.  Also my hammock and straps often go in the pack but are not pictured here.


Gear List:
Two USGI Canteens
Two Canteen cups
One canteenshop canteen stove
USGI poncho
Work gloves
Toilet paper
Blue bag:
4 tent stakes, casualty blanket reusable emergency blanket, 100 foot of paracord, 2 bungee cords
Gerber sliding saw
Mora #1
folding shovel
300 feet of bank line
Gerber machette
Brothers of Bushcraft field knife
fire kit:
matches, petroleum jelly cotton balls, lighter, strikeforce ferro rod
lansky sharpening rod
Adventure medical kits scout kit plus bandana and two wet fire cubes


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