Mora 511 Review


Well lets start with the pros and cons.:

Pros: Cheap, Durable, Grippy, Fingergard, Sharp, Tough.

Cons: Rat Tang, Thin, Sheath, Fingergard

So how does this knife compare to other hight dollar knives, it is wonderful that is how it compares.  This little knife is a work horse it will do almost anything you want it to.  Now will it break if you use it for lots of battoning of wood, probably but its not made for that, this is not a full tang survival knife.  What this is, is a great starter and backup knife.  I got this knife for 8 dollars with two dollars for shipping, and after taxes it came out to about 10.50 US.  Now for the money I don’t think you can beat this knife.  It will cut anything and it came sharper than some razors I have had.  It sharpens easily and holds and edge for a while.  The one I have is carbon steel and I don’t know if this one comes in  a stainless model. One minor problem I have is the rounded spine of the knife.  It is difficult to strike a flint on it the way it comes from the factory but this is easily remedied with a file just a little elbow work puts a nice 90 degree spine on it that will throw sparks.

The nitty gritty how does it work, well I have used this knife extensively in the yard, out in the bush and in the kitchen.  I am a firm believer in testing knives to see if they can hold up to preparing food one of my major tests is can it spread peanut butter on bread, and in this case the small blade is only average, not great but not bad.  It is a great chopper in the kitchen and holds a nice edge.  This translates to the field as well, it is small enough to be a great fillet knife for fish and  can be used as a skinning knife on small and large game.

So how did it hold up to the standard test of skinning a deer, well this is one area where the knife had a disadvantage.  The blade was perfect for the work about 3 and a half inches is what i like on a skinning knife and a small profile, however the finger guard got in the way quite a bit, it would catch on the skin of the deer as we pulled it off and would sometimes cause slipping and cutting into the meat  which i try to avoid until we have washed and begun to process the animal.  The finger guard is great in many instances preventing you from slipping and cutting your finger and for a new user I highly recommend it.  As you become more experienced it can get in the way but for a beginner its great.

The only real down side is the plastic sheath.  Its not fancy and the belt loop is very small thats the only real down side.

For the money you can not beat this knife you can find it anywhere for around ten dollars.  If you are beginner its a great place to start, if you are an advanced user its a great back up blade or one to carry as a spare to give to someone you are hiking with as a loner.

Hope you guys find this helpful and please feel free to comment and subscribe.

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