EDC Pocket Dump

We are going to do a running series of our EDC.  Bill and Daniel will do a pocket dump of what we are carrying on any given day.  We decided to start today.  All the links you see below will send you to the reviews of the tools we carry.


So here is my pocket dump today.  This is what happens when I ignore my alarm in the morning.  I didn’t grab all my stuff this morning.  I have iPhone 5, no case (i need one).  On my keys i have a Leatherman style CS and a Gerber Shard, all on a airline cable keychain. I also have my Gerber Remix.



So here is my pocket dump for the week.  This is my EDC when I ride my scooter to work.  I know a scooter is not the coolest thing in the world but it gets 70MPG so there.  I have my glasses, the better to see you with, my iPhone 4S with a otterbox case that protects the phone well.  Also my wallet and with various wallet things in it and a Leatherman Wave mutitool and last but not least a ferrocerium rod for fire starting.  Check back later to see what has changed.


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