B.O.B. Fieldcraft Knife review

For the last year I have been using a BOB fieldcraft from Tops Knives.  I am going to do a short review on the knife. It is a good blade and right now it is only limited by the skill i have using it. Each time I take it out I am finding it works better and this is showing me that I have much more to learn and I am limiting the product right now.


So how does it work? It splits wood very well and holds up to batoning well. It is thick and stays very sharp. I have had trouble using it for fine carving tasks because the blade is so large, however i am getting better at it again this is my skill level not the knife that is having the issue.

In the kitchen it works well for various chopping and preparing of foodstuffs. Most people neglect to talk about this but if its going to be a one tool option it needs to be able to spread peanut butter and jelly as well as split firewood.

It has scaled a fish well and is useful in cleaning cat fish so it holds up there.

I got to use the knife to process a deer a few months ago. I usually use a smaller blade like a mora clipper or a small sharp folding knife for this kind of work but i wanted to test out the bigger knife as its supposed to be a one tool option.

I will say up front it was not as easy to work with due to its size. However after a few minutes of use it was fairly easy to adjust my grip to make it work. The nice thing about the blade is that because it was so big i could hold it along the spine and grip the sides of the blade and let the spine and handle of the knife run up against the inside of my arm.   Holding the knife this way i was able to use it like it was a smaller blade and the rough powder coating on the knife blade where there is no cutting edge made for a good grip even when the knife was bloody. The handle also did not get slippery at all even when it was covered in blood and i was wearing latex gloves.

The blade did a great job punching a hole in the rear legs between the bone and tendon where we place the hooks to hang the deer for processing.
The blade was also razor sharp and did not dull after the deer was processed. The only complaint i had about the knife was its larger size because i like a smaller knife when i skin a deer. Functionally with a little more practice the knife will work wonderfully. So at the end of the day, would i use it again to do the same job, yes but if my mora was there i would probably use it. And in all honesty if i had them both i would use both for different parts of the job on the animal.

The only thing i do not like about it at all is the shango notch on the back. I can not get the darn thing to throw sparks at all. I would have preferred a flat non coated area on the blade like on the BG ultimate surveil knife to the notch. I have watched the video on hot to use it but i have not been able to get it to work.
Overall the knife is well worth the money, it is well built and i think my grand kids will be able to use it, it should last at least that long. The price is not bad compared to many other high end bushcraft knives it cost me 141 with shipping. Wont be the last knife i buy but it will be a main stay for me in probably every kit i carry.

So am i happy with this knife after a year. Yes i am, would i buy it again for the price, absolutely it has been a work horse.



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  1. Hey, just saw this review on reddit. I’m in Round Rock myself, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing some more from you guys.

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