Smoking a Brisket

So today I’m going to walk you through how i smoke a brisket.

First, i get a nice brisket from my butcher.  I have already trimmed it up here in this pic.  As you can see i leave a nice layer of fat here on top, I like to let that render off during the cook

Next i put my rub on the brisket.  In my rub I use 4 parts coarse black pepper, 2 parts kosher salt, and 1 part of my Jalapeño rub.  There is another post all about how to make that yourself.

Put the rub all over the brisket and put it in the smoker

This is my smoker it is a Smoke Hollow Propane Wood Smoker.  I love this smoker for its ease of use, i will tell you all about it in a later post.

12 hours later a beautiful brisket

It probably could have used another hour in the smoker but it was still delicious.

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