Grinding Beef

The Videos that we have posted so far have all about bushcraft up to this point, so i am going to change the topic for a bit here.  I am going to talk about grinding meat.I recently bought a Waring MG105 Pro Meat Grinder.  It ran me about $70 at the outlet mall.  I got it more because i wanted to play around with sausage making but i started doing the math on making my own hamburger and it is much cheaper to make your own.  I did a 50/50 Brisket and Sirloin mix and it was $2.74/lb.  WOW!!!
Pictures of the processI ended up with 21.5 lb of meat.  If i had bought ground chuck from the HEB I shop at it would have cost me 4.40/lb.  So i saved 1.66 /lb thats a whopping $35 savings, half the cost of the grinder.  It really makes it worth the investment.-Daniel


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