Lansky Knife Sharpener

Well I wasn’t planning on doing any posts this weekend but my father-in-law needed his kitchen knives sharpened and asked me to do it.  I was so happy with the way his Lansky Knife Sharpener worked i had to write this up.  The 3 stone sharpener system is really a great setup.  I went through all of the kitchen knives and then I sharpened all my folding knives that i had with me.

The way is works is you clamp the knife into the holder and then you use the stones, which have a metal rod attached to them to run across the knife blade.  You can see in the pictures that the clamp has 4 holes it in.  You use put the metal bar on the stone into that hole, and that lets you keep the angle accurately on the knife.  The 4 angles are 17, 20, 25, 30.



I plan on picking one of these up soon, but as i just got everything sharpened, i don’t have to rush.

Living in the Past: Iron Age

Hey Y’all,

Bill and I will be busy with family all weekend so don’t look for anything till Monday. But on Monday look for an exciting announcement, so check back with us.

Until then check out this video I found this on Reddit. Its about an hour long so don’t get started if you don’t have the time to finish, but it is fascinating from a homesteading perspective.

Backyard Camping with the kiddo

So the little one wanted to go camping. He has done several day trips with me but we have not done an overnighter anywhere as of yet. He was asking and with my current schedule we have not had time to do an overnighter anywhere so I figured why not bring the camping home and just do it in the backyard. From this the following ensued:

IMG_2110 IMG_2116


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